Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Ending The Year

As we have done all this millenium, and before, we had The Mate over. This was what he brought with him!

We spend the day eating, drinking and watching DVDs well into the new year. I think the highlight of the DVD choice this year was the two Paddington films. We had seen P2 with Kat & G the night before last and it was so side-splittingly funny, I wanted to see it again along with the first one. What lovely expressions Paddington's little face had!

I looked up the Arberlour strap line:-
The motto is that of Fleming; according to tradition, the words "Let the deed shaw" were uttered by Sir Robert Fleming to Robert Bruce (later King Robert I) after the latter had killed the Red Comyn in Greyfriars Church in Dumfries in 1306.

A more recent interpretation, applicable to the families whisky business is:-
The creative highlights how James Fleming’s actions and now the skills of the craftsmen today define the exceptional artisanal character of Aberlour, leaving the quality of the whisky to do the talking.

Did my own deeds this year make a difference? 2020 approaches, I hope it will be a year of doing things. Making things happen!

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