The Swedish Championship

Today I have been judging the Swedish Heelwork To Music Championship and it has been a lovely experience. 

The competition was held at a huge international dog show in Gothenburg called MyDog. Lots of people and dogs from all over the world. 

And lots of trade stands too, so I have done a little shopping for my boys and the dog sitters. 

The competition had a good standart and the winners did excellent. Especially the winner - a black labrador named Lizzie was amazing. It was a joy to judge.

My picture today is from just after the winners were announced. Lots of people taking pictures of the 3 top handlers and dogs. 

The extra is pictures, which Bodil sent me of Gollum and Bodil's grandson. Gollum has never met children younger than my nephew Marcus, who was 5 when Gollum was born, but apparently he is excellent with little children.

See you tomorrow
Emmy - still missing the Hazyland Boys, but they are having a good time with the dog sitters. 

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