By Veronica


There's a bindweed-type plant in the garden with these intriguing death's trumpet style blooms -- ideas anyone? Fascinatingly textured close to.

S still very far from 100%. I went shopping in the morning, and after lunch couldn't resist a stroll to the beach in Cotobro. I met our friend J, last seen in Cádiz, on the way, so we had a quick catch up. 

At this time of year, even town beaches are deserted; it was delightful sitting on the shingle in the sunshine with my book, watching the water rippling gently over the rocks. Another spectator sport was the hang gliders over La Herradura -- at one point I counted 24 of them. Not very good photo in extras!

I had to get back home though, as today it was Mystère's turn for medical attention. When we got back on Sunday, R and A commented that he had a slightly weepy eye and by yesterday it was obvious that he had an infection. So off we went to see his friend Maria del Mar. I carried him the 200 metres to the surgery, and the vets both asked if his sickly drool when we arrived was caused by car sickness ... he seems to be getting worse at going to the vet. Still, at least R and A didn't have to take him, for which they are no doubt grateful.

As expected the vets diagnosed an infection caused (probably) by fighting, and prescribed drops and antibiotic tablets. Let the battles to administer medication commence! He's quite subdued, but cheered up when I cooked him some hake and later shared our stir-fried duck breast with him.

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