A nod to Ned Kelly

A foul day, heavy rain, winds, mist - the sort of damp that gets into your bones. Just back from the hairdressers. I'll say no more. Himself harrumphed that I'm always like that afterwards. He's right.

Today is meant to be the most depressing day of the year apparently: there's horsemeat in Irish burgers (20,000 are being destroyed!! What???), you can no longer buy the Dandy in comic form (only viewable online), a teacher is suing a school she used to work at because she has a phobia of young children (what???), Saoirse's guinea pig died, it's the feast day of the Seven Apostles of Bulgaria and the remains of Ned Kelly are finally going to be laid to rest. Some of the news today.

Todays blip - a nod to Ned Kelly - a New Zealand flax frond resting against an Australian eucalyptus trunk. Oddly both plants thrive here.

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