By isbi

So Much Owed by So Many.........

Blackheath held a community afternoon tea today to thank the firefighters and emergency service for all the work they are doing in the current crisis, and also to allow people to debrief and talk about their experiences.
As usual for our town it appeared to be very well attended and with a pretty good spread as everyone was asked to take a plate of food.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay as was minding the five grandchildren for the day while Bec went to the cricket with Graham.
I did call in just see how it was going but couldn’t get past the door. This is a crowd shot with camera held aloft.
I then took the kids to the pool as didn’t think it fair to subject them to a lot of speeches.

Our thermometer hit 40C today which I’ve never seen before in Blackheath. A record 48.9C down in Beckett territory in Penrith, also now in the fire’s path.

The fires continue to wreak havoc. We got an alert there was another in Nellies Glen Road where the farm is so Mr isbi high tailed it down there but it seems it was quickly sorted.
NSW and Victoria have both been declared a “State of Emergency” and for the first time in our history up to 3,000 army reservists have been compulsorily called in to assist.

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