If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Lakeside Inn

By bedtime last night I had decided I was going to live!  I awoke feeling surprisingly normal (don't dare suggest I am not normal, you know who you are).  So as usual we headed for the Tropical Swimming Paradise, after of course packing, loading the cars and leaving them in the car park.  Why?  Because we have to be out of the Lodge to allow time for it to be prepped by 3:00.

After the swim it was lunch at the Lakeside Inn.  The blip was taken as we strolled along towards the Inn.  A last minute change of plan had resulted in all of us being able to be there.  Previously Kat & G were going to have to head home before lunch.  A very pleasant long lunch resulted in everyone breaking up and heading home at 2:00pm.

With less than 10 miles to go we were the lucky ones.

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