If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Emergency Blip

The day started Ok and we made our way to the Tropical swimming Paradise. As lunch time approached I began to feel not quite myself.  Clickychick and I headed back to the Lodge a little before the rest.  While I was getting changed I started to feel as if I was burning up.

When we reached the Lodge all I wanted was to lie down.  I was starting to feel nauseous so settled on the bed. The result was I slept fitfully most of the afternoon going between burning up and shivering. 

At 6:00 there was to be fireworks over the lake.  I had intended to get my blip there but just wasn't up to leaving the Lodge.  So off everyone else went and I lay down again.  Then I realised I had no shot in the camera.  Possible choices were few so what you have is a shot of the heated towel rail/radiator in the bathroom.

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