If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Singing reindeer.

Our first full day of our Center Parcs visit.   As usual we began with the Swimming Paradise.  Even when we arrive at the pool separately we all seem to gravitate first to the outdoor pool.   This isn't as bad as it sounds, once you have done the scuttle from the building to the pool.  We have even been in there on a February day with the  air temperature of -2°C.  Clickychick's shot shows the steam rising of the pool nicely.

My blip is of the singing Reindeer in the "Winter Wonderland".  As CC an I walked back from a meal at Huck's we heard the sound of a rather good "Barber's shop quartet".  Following the sounds we arrived at the "stable" with the four Reindeer singing from the door ways.  A little corny but the singing was very good, carols of course.

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