Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Down by the Creek

It is the tenth anniversary of the Burj Khalifa today and I really wanted to post a picture of it, but our "out" today was to Al Seef, so that's where my main image and extra are from. We swung by the Burj Khalifa to watch their special laser show from a distance. It didn't last long and surprisingly, there weren't any fireworks, unlike opening night!

So, the day was spent mostly getting ready for the first week of the year back to work. I've had two weeks off, G has had three, so she is finding the thought of it harder!

Al Seef was fantastic as ever. Lovely at sunset time, and not too many people. We watched a bit of Creek Life and then had milkshakes at Keventers. I was so pleased when this local family walked into my scene; even better that they were walking away from me.

As for my extra, SanDisk, the memory guys, are sponsoring these photo booths for Shopping Festival. I hadn't seen the upside-down kitchen before. My default very reliable model very willingly struck a pose for me. We need to go back and take pictures in the other booths. GK over and out!

PS. I've added a picture from ten years ago... when Burj Dubai was finally opened. We'd waited years and watched patiently as they built it, wondering what it was going to look like and how tall it would be when completed. We travelled to it on public transport - bus, metro... They opened the Dubai Mall Metro Station on the same day. It seems everyone had the same idea as us - to arrive on the train. It took us forty-five minutes to get out of the station, and nearly 25 minutes to walk to the building, but we found ourselves at its base just as the fireworks started. We made it! And we both had our cameras to capture the pyrotechnic show. A bit of Dubai's history that we had front-row seats for... :D

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