Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Elaborate spaces

It's hard to think of today being Friday when we've had so many days off!

It's been a very leisurely day. The big thing today was the restaurant downstairs opening. They told us a whole 45 minutes in advance. Yup. That's Dubai!

The other thing that happened today is the sign hindering the view from G's balcony got moved. It is now near the living room balcony but placed beneath it, so we will have to tolerate some light pollution, but that's it. I discovered too that they do Keralite street food, so I don't think an oven will be used for their cooking. Now we just have to see how much food smell comes up the vents.

We ventured out for a drive after the opening... to the Beach we were at on New Year's Eve. It was past twilight by the time we got there, so no chance to get a picture of the beach. This little enclosure caught my eye. I've noticed on this beach, people create very elaborate spaces for their parties.

On New Year's eve, we watched a family lay down a carpet, and then an electrician put fairy lights for them. It looked really cool. Today we saw this... someone had had a birthday party and created a lovely space for her friends. My blip is of two workers taking everything down. They couldn't tell me if I could hire them to do the same for me. ;)

As they say in these parts, "It's nice, no?" :D :D :D

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