Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

First week of the year

It's that time again! G didn't really want to, but happily went into school today. It's her longest day, so that's now over for the week. She had a good day and the kids were happy to see her. I don't think they noticed her haircut though. The extra is to record it and our first lunch on the beach eating Union Co-op shawarmas! We came home via the Post Office where I finally collected two boxes of chocolates that Tear Fund sent out on 17th November!

My main image is really to show how this new resort is changing the landscape. I'd love to know what guests of the Jumeirah Beach hotel think of all the construction that is going on right on their doorstep. But the real reason to take the picture is the mobile telephone mast on the left. I didn't know it was possible to have a temporary antenna where and when required!

That pretty much sums up the day. I had an incident last night where I just didn't feel well at all - sort of like the summer when I ended up in hospital. Fortunately, it has passed and I think I'm ok! I managed to post another video in the evening whilst G watched the Vienna New Year's Day concert that she found on YouTube!

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