Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


The day started with a trip to the Peugeot garage to get the catalytic converter fault checked. We sat and waited while they did the diagnostics. The outcome is inconclusive! They won't say why it is still giving a problem but have done a reset and the car drives smoother now. I got charged for the check and am miffed that I don't know what is causing the problem. Argh.

We got back in time for some lunch and then were out again, this time to The Dubai Mall to watch Cats. I've never seen the show, so it's all new to me. We had Diane with us today for the fourth place. I think everyone enjoyed the movie. The all-star cast certainly look very cat-like! I can't say I followed the story so will have to try and catch it again.

We had hot chocolates and saw the Aquarium before driving along Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard to see the lights. It was busy; then I remembered it is Thursday night! All these days off are messing with my knowing where I am in the week.

My blip is of the atrium in the Mall which I love. Today was the first day I saw the Mall decorated for the season. I think they've made it look good. :)

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