Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

First Sunset of the decade

Well, not quite. I went through all my pictures and this one had the best colours/interesting subject! It wasn't far from sunset though...

So, today we had another leisurely start to the day where lunch was the first meal. Not that I woke that late, but I didn't need to eat anything until then. G did another Christmas dinner and it was fabulous. :)

We then decided to go out for a drive, except the car is playing up. It is a catalytic converter fault again. I will need to get that checked soon. It eventually complied and we did a test run to the local recycling centre. It's amazing how quickly waste builds up in one's flat and it's only been two and a half days!

Recycling done, we headed to Khawaneej to give the car a run. The day was perfect. Dry, beautiful sky; cool. We got there to the Last Exit to check out the little "market" they have set up for DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival). It is done like a European Christmas market with log cabins and, er, snow! We even have Christmas trees with white stuff spread out on the branches.

It was evident something important was going to happen as a TV camera crew were there in full force, setting up for the evening. We were able to get very close to the equipment. Loads of professional cameras and TVs in boxes for teleprompters.

C loves people watching, so we sat on a bench for quite a long time and watched families go past. Lots of selfies being taken! We eventually wended our way back to the car, which started immediately and didn't shudder and brought us safely back home!

G found the Vienna Symphony Orchestra's New Year's Day concert on YouTube, and then we watched the Queen's Christmas message as well. It's taken me ages to go through the pictures to pick one. Hope I made the right choice. I decided to post an extra, taken in the early hours of the morning. G had made up a platter of nibbles to accompany the Prosecco to toast in the New Year.

She also put out these sparklers that have been lingering for quite a while. I'm amazed they still work. Great precautions were taken when lighting these (not). Thankfully, they are very safe. :)

2020 . . . Have your best year yet! :D

. . .  And I hope the cleaner keeps his word and returns to Dubai tomorrow!

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