Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Black Vulture

The day started before dawn with my favorite doe out front waiting for me to bring out the nuts. And then waiting at a slight remove for me to toss them. I couldn't take her photo while she was eating because it was really not daylight at all. 

Then in mid-morning when we got back from our walk this character was sitting up at the top of the big old white oak tree in our yard next to the house.

Later #2 Son showed up and he and I were treated to the sight of a variety of deer, young and old, coming and hoovering up peanuts while we stood at the door and giggled. After a while Bugsy chased them off, so #2 son and I went outside and discovered that there were now three of these black vultures in the tree. And on top of that they were sort of arguing - or maybe just talking amongst themselves - and dancing around. They make a very very strange noise. Click on this link and then on "listen" to hear what we were hearing. On that page it also says "Black Vultures lack a voice box and so their vocal abilities are limited to making raspy hisses and grunts." Interesting!

Nature is endlessly fascinating.

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