By Swann6

Woodland sunset (and doggie misadventure)

Went for a dog walk in an area of woodland that I find utterly dismal for no good reason, perhaps because it's in a dip. The setting sun gave it a boost though and Zara loves it there.

Afterwards we stopped off to grab a few food items. Usually quite happy waiting in the car, Zara decided to force her way around the metal grill that keeps her in the boot, jumped into the back seat and munched a sizeable chunk of head rest. Her relocation was a surprise to us, resulting in a slippery escape! She made a beeline for the store and legged it INTO Sainsbury's with Mr in hot pursuit. I had to laugh. But not so much on the way home as she tried to escape again and this time got wedged halfway. I ended up scrambling in to the back seat to calm her and when we got home we literally had to cut all the fastenings on the grill to get her out!

Exhausting! She thinks so too (extra). Hope you are all having a nice weekend so far. 

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