By Swann6

Sunday. Friends. Swans.

I have been fortunate enough today to bask in the warm and wonderful benevolence of not one, but three of my dearest friends. A 1.5 hour phone call with my bf in Jersey started the day, lots to catch up on as our lives seem to move in relative parallel always. Then a visit to C - our friendship dates back to primary school - bearing Christmas gifts. Her gift to me was this beautiful pair of swans made of wood, now in pride of place in the living room. Then finally, Evolybab and I put the world to rights over a cuppa and marvelled at the often baffling behaviour of the human species, as we often do. I feel so honoured and grateful that I have these inspirational and generous ladies in my life. 

Thank you for visiting my journal, and for recent comments and stars. :)

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