I fancied an old wooden gate today so I drove down a lane where there were a couple, one very old and decrepit. Sadly, it looks like contractors have been in and they've all been replaced with galvanised metal gates. I suppose that makes good sense in today's world but such a shame. They will look better as they weather and dull but hey'll never have the character of a stout wooden gate.

A little further I came upon some steps leading up into a field and decided that they would be today's blip.

In other news, you may remember that at Christmas I took on the project to build a ukelele. My first move was to send away for some wood stain as I wanted a colour that wasn't available locally. It arrived the other day so today I went over the body and neck with a fine sandpaper and arranged some space downstairs to apply the stain. I used a rag to apply it and another to wipe off the excess. It's carmine red and I've put two coats on over the afternoon. I've not stained the font of the neck because the fretboard will befitted there and I'd prefer to glue it to untreated wood. I'll check it over tomorrow and decide whether it needs another coat. Then it'll time for the finish.

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