Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Misha and friend

Another wet and pretty horrible day! I had to go down to the town this afternoon for various things and on the way back, as the rain had stopped, I decided to pop up to McCaig's Tower wearing my Grumpy Old Man's hat to see if the company setting off the New Year fireworks had cleared up all the debris. They hadn't - they never do! Hundreds, thousands even, of 2p sized cardboard discs littered the grass, along with drinking straw-like plastic tubes in various colours, obviously bits of debris which are ejected from the fireworks. Grumpy Old Man will have to go up there and rake them all up - again! This time I will make a fuss!

Anyway, Grumpy Old Man hat off, I noticed a young couple at the top of the steps, he, a John Lennon lookalike, standing, and his partner, beside him, sitting on the path. I though at first she was ill, but it turns out that the Tower cat, Misha, had sat down on her bag and as she didn't want to disturb her, she sat down too! 

I asked her if I could take her picture, to which she agreed, but unfortunately John Lennon stood aside, so I lost the opportunity of bringing him back to life! When I came back down all three had gone, not together, I hope!

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