Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Well camouflaged!

Sunday 5th January 2020                 (backblip)

Bit grey today but it was dry!

We had a wander up the road to the riverbank then onto Pioneer & Beech Wood.

Thankfully the river level has dropped quite a bit as you can see ...... we are still under Flood Alert .... but as long as we don't get any more deluges that should hopefully be lifted soon!

We saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker high in a tree ......... we also saw a Pied Wagtail ..... very well camouflaged ..... you can just about see it! Saw this Black-headed gull & was surprised to see it has almost full Spring plumage ..... it seems early in the year for that!

Apologies for the quality of the bird images ..... the light was very poor!

Hope you like my choices :-)

Hoping to have time to catch up with you all today (Monday) ...... if I run out of time I'll finish catching up tomorrow :-)

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