By dfb24

Rhymes with “luck”....

Next to the dentist, my least favorite place to go is the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). My driver’s license needs to be renewed before my birthday later this month, so being the responsible, organized person I am, I went online to fill out & print out the renewal form, read the requirements for documentation needed to be brought along in order to upgrade to the “Real ID-compliant Driver’s License” (which will be required after Oct. of this year), & headed over to the nearest DMV location. Now, I never have had a problem with the employees there; it’s the PEOPLE who come there, stand in line complaining the entire time about having to wait so long, get up to the window & have brought NOTHING along that they need, then argue with the employee that “nobody told me I’d need this or that”, which is why the wait times are always so long!! Such was the man in the hat & camouflage jacket! When I walked in, the line already went from the desk in front all the way back to the wall & curved around, & this guy—let’s call him the SCHMUCK—was loudly swearing & complaining about the lack of help, having to stand in line, etc.  Everyone in line was studiously ignoring him! When the line was such that he was right across from me & he continued with his vulgar language (which ALSO rhymed with “ luck”), I smiled at him and said “Well, it says right on the DMV’s website that the worst times to come here are Mon., Tue. & Fri. mornings at the beginning of the month”. He says to me: “Then what the F**# are you doing here if you knew that”? I smiled even bigger & told him I don’t mind waiting because I’m always so entertained by the people in line”! There was absolute silence for a few seconds, & then the two guys behind him started to laugh, & then more people laughed, so the SCHMUCK just gave me a “look” & turned back around. I had even greater satisfaction when he got up to the window & loudly demanded  “That Real ID thing”!!  He was asked if he’d brought proof of his social security number and another form of ID, to which he stated “I’m an American Citizen! All I need is my driver’s license!”, to which the lady at the desk replied: “Well sir, you’re a poorly informed American Citizen if you think you can get an ID compliant license without proper proof of such. If you don’t have it please step out of line until you do”. It was like a well-deserved WWE smackdown & I grinned all the way home!   :))). Thanks Laurie54 for hosting MonoMondays in January—love the “rhymes with” themes!

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