By dfb24

It takes great skill...

...to be able to balance precariously as you clean, but the tinies are masters at it. They've been busy all day working on the two lanterns my sister gave me. The lanterns had been in her garage for over a year so were really dusty & I wasn't looking forward to cleaning them, but since the tinies offered to do it for me I was happy to let them.  Jennie and I went to Ikea today--the store's been open for well over a year but we'd never gone & it was fun to browse around. 
We stopped for lunch and by the time we ate it was time to pick Mae up from school & head home. Once Mae was in her car seat I asked her how her day went, and she said it had been a really LONG day and that she was very tired! I asked if she hadn't taken a nap during the day. She thought a minute then said oh, yes, she DID take a nap, so never mind--she wasn't tired! I wish I could get more energy just remembering that I'd taken a nap!  LOL   Thanks to KangaZu for hosting TinyTuesdays this month, and to Hanulli for her tiny people challenge. :)

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