nogbad's blips

By nogbad


A visitor pointed out that there was a note under the windscreen wiper. It's from someone a little further up the lane to apologise for bumping my car, they've left their insurance details and profuse apologies. It's a pain because the cost of the repairs will probably be more than the value of the car but it is what it is.

I've been too busy to deal with it though because, apart from a coffee break with a visitor, I've been wrestling with a technical issue. On the first Monday of each month I run a process which takes information from one OU system as an Excel spreadsheet. I then import this into a legacy system (based on IBM Notes) and that's the job sorted. Today it was far from straightforward for a range of reasons and because the reasons were not connected it took a while to stamp out each problem. I think they've all gone now but it's swallowed more time than I might usually have budgeted. So tomorrow I'll start with getting hold of my insurance company and seeing where we go from there.

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