Tiny Tuesday

Regular followers of my blip journal will know that when I'm stuck for a Tiny Tuesday subject I sometimes resort to photographing insects. In this I'm partly inspired by the amazing work of Levon Biss; there's no way I'll ever get anywhere near the perfect results he produces, I don't have the skill, imagination, equipment - or patience! But I like to do my best.

Mostly I photograph deceased insects, as they're easier to keep still (as long as they don't fall over!). As luck would have it I spotted this tiny creature on the bathroom windowsill this morning, and it had clearly gone to meet its maker some hours before. Its body is only 4mm long, and its legspan is only 16mm. So out came my macro lens and extension tubes, along with an in-camera focus stack. Its colour isn't particularly dramatic but I do like the green eyes, and it's interesting how the light filtering through the wings has cast tiny patches of light on the paper on which it's standing.

Many thanks to KangaZu who is hosting Tiny Tuesday this month, with a free theme today.

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