Christmas Ferris wheel

This is at the house I got a photo of last week. They've started taking down the displays. I didn't even see this one when I took that photo earlier.

I am writing this after the fact, but tonight was the absolute worst I have ever seen Jill's mom. She was mad at lunch a few days ago (she sat silently the whole time because, as near as we can figure, either I ordered cheese steak or Jill didn't order a hot dog appetizer), but this was beyond anything I'd ever seen her do. It completely changed how I feel around her.

I had to work tonight from 4 to midnight. I work at the kitchen table because it's the place with the best wi-fi signal. A few hours into my shift, her husband was in the bathroom. The light switch or outlet stopped working, so he went to the basement to the circuit breaker.

Power to the whole house went out. I thought it was a power outage. But then it came back on. That reset the router, so I couldn't work until the internet was back. Then the garbage disposal turned on then off. That's when Jill's mom figured out he was in the basement and fiddling with the unlabeled circuit breaker. She ran downstairs and yelled at him.

I could only hear unintelligible screaming. He came back upstairs and went into the bathroom. He was trying to tell her what happened with the switch and what he was trying to do, but she kept screaming. She followed him around the house to yell at him. Meanwhile, Jill let me tether off her phone for internet.

Jill went into the bathroom to try to figure things out. She then took her mom to the basement and told me to text her if the bathroom light comes on while she flips switches. Her mom came up and we figured out at the same time to hit the reset button on the light switch. Once I did, the light turned on. Problem solved! Except ...

Jill's mom was absolutely furious for hours afterward. She was muttering things and making angry noises. Since the power going out reset the electronics, she stood at the TV trying to fix things with the remote. Then when she thought she had it figured out, she shoved the remote into his chest. She walked past him and said quietly: "Why did you go down there and turn everything off, you son of a b----? I'll f---ing kill you." Craziest thing I've ever heard her say! It was scary too. I thought she was mad when we ordered food. This was so far beyond that level of anger. I really thought she was going to kill him when we weren't there.

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