Out and About

By LeslieBigos

Strolling Wallingford

Seattle has some cool neighborhoods and one older neighborhood is Wallingford. We find ourselves in Wallingford every Thursday night around 8pm as that is when Patrick has his music lessons.

The main drag of Wallingford is 45th street and it is lined with some taverns, coffee shops, the Guild 45th movie theaters, and lots of little hole-in-the wall restaurants and shops. Oh, and don't let me forget, Dick's drive-in hamburgers. There are always a lot of pedestrians out and about with a dense residential concentration, people can leave their cars at home and get about on foot.

Tonight, the fog was thick and we walked up 45th to Chocolati so that Dan could experience the hot chocolate I had been raving about. Walking back to pick up Patrick, Dan peered into a Children's book store.

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