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The Old Forge (Thursday 9th January 2020)

Diary blip. When the CD player on the kitchen hi-fi packed in, shortly after being out of warranty naturally, I discovered that a repair would cost over £200. That didn't seem to make economic sense to me, and I wasn't wild about buying a new one given its short life, so I resolved to buy an external player to plug into it instead, and the most cost effective solution, quite a bit cheaper than the repair estimate, was a new smart Blu-ray player, which of course can also handle DVDs and CDs, including SACDs in this case. It took a while to get it set up due to a shortage of HDMI inputs on the TV and the wrong sort of digital audio cable output on the Blu-ray, but by late this morning I had got it all connected and working, including wi-fi for the apps. By chance it is basically the same model as the one in my outbuilding, so I am familiar with how to use it.
The sun was out this morning while I was setting it all up, but immediately after lunch hard rain set in, so this was the only shot I took.

9.1.2020 (2027 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Robyn Hitchcock - I Want You (She's So Heavy) (recorded July 2009, Gravity Shack)
Robyn Hitchcock (vcl, gtr), Terry Edwards (ld gtr, organ, vcl), Paul Noble (bass, vcl),  Rob Ellis (dr, vcl), Ruby Wright (saw), Jenny Adejayan (cello), Sean Nelson (vcl)
This was on one of those Mojo cover discs where they recreate whole albums with different artists. This one was Abbey Road Now! which I played through today along with the Beatles' Abbey Road Sessions (CD3). A couple of years later it was also the B-side of a 10" single of Beatle covers. The A-side was Terry Edwards' You Won't See Me.

One year ago:
Caen Hill

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