Flower Friday - Brugmansia

Two more gorgeous flowers have opened on the Brugmansia. Unfortunately I didnt realise that the one that opened yesterday (pink) has been blown around in the wind all day and that has knocked its tendrils off! The yellow one just opened this morning and I’ve had it resting up on top on its leaves so it didn’t get knocked around, it will also be pink in the morning. ;o)

We’ve had a complete power outage tonight for quite a few hours, we didnt even have phone or internet access. Apparently there were a lot of areas that were out throughout the metro area - many thousands of people. Turns out they had a rare generator problem and all areas are at last slowly coming back online. Makes you realise how dependent you are on power and I’m quickly putting this Blip up in case it all goes off again!

We hung around outside with Toto for a while to see what we could see (which was nothing:) except for the full moon which looked fabulous amongst the stars which we normally wouldn’t see plus the wind was cool and lovely and the apartment was still hot from the day!! :o)

Needless to say I’m very tired now and am heading off to bed, catch up tomorrow xxx

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