By AnneILM60

6-1/2 weeks via Air Mail

After 6-1/2 weeks in the post, my parcel from my parents finally arrived yesterday. I was very relieved to see it.

When I opened it, I was delighted! 2 bobbing British robins for my garden. Not sure exactly where they will go and am sure they will get moved some at first until I find that just right spot.

I will spend a good part of my day again today, putting nativity scenes away.

For the past 3 evenings, I have attempted to visit and comment on everyone’s blips. As soon as I get settled with the page open, I fall asleep! Upon waking, I take myself to bed. I very much appreciate everyone continuing to visit & comment on my page despite my lack of reciprocation.

It’s Friday once more, so Happy Weekend Everyone

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