Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Still Making History

Yay! It's the end of the first work-week of the year. G dropped me to work and then picked me up four hours later. We headed straight to Caesar's for lunch... the intention was to introduce C to sizzlers, but she ended up ordered a Chinese dish. G did the same, so it was just me who got a facial!

We headed straight to the QE2 from there. I guess the last time we were there was in the summer last year. We had a look around the library and exhibition and then decided to have a little wander around the ship itself, ending up at the Yacht club. Both my blips are taken from there. To our surprise, their giant Christmas tree is still up. The extra shows some development that is happening on the quay nearby. In my shot, the view of the skyline in the distance is still visible, but work is already underway to build a 32 story tower right in front of it, so I wonder how the guests will feel about that.

We were home briefly before heading out again, this time for Awana. The first one of the year; the children were understandably hyper and have forgotten everything we worked so hard towards last year (like to shut up and sit still). G had them where she wanted by the end of the session.

It rained as we drove back. For once, they actually managed to get the forecast right. We showed C the lights on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. They're a bit magical.

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