Prisoner 24601

By Alfin

Wall Art - Dumbarton

Anyone familiar with The Shire (Dumbarton) will know that it's seen better days. The High Street is a shambles and as a Son of the Rock I can say that without prejudice and the 'shopping centre' is equally terrible.

That said, there are some positive moves going on relating to a path that will connect Dumbarton Rock and the main part of the town. It's been a process and when I was involved at the football club I had first hand experienced of obfuscation and dithering.

Today's blip (taken yesterday - sorry, but today's weather even has ducks running for cover) shows a lovely piece of wall art in the Artizan depicting Dumbarton Rock in splendid gloomy colour. The shadows from the roof of the sidewalk add to it somehow.

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