By Bom

Heads Together

Having bought a new lens over the phone from Wex, I thought I'd go to Sculthorpe Moor to try it out. I wanted a long lens that I can carry on walks, so it's nothing like as good as my big 100-400mm lens but it's much smaller and lighter. I'll try it out again on a walk tomorrow. My first impressions though are that I'm a bit disappointed in its sharpness and ability to focus quickly and accurately. Having said that, it was a dull morning so I should give it another try. These two deer were snuffling around under a bird feeder. I've added a long tailed tit as an Extra.

I had a great sing along when I got home whilst watching 'Punk at the BBC' which I recorded yesterday, it really took me back. (and yes punk was 40 years ago!)

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