By Bom

Heavy Metal

This morning I was clearing some space in my garage to move in some furniture from my spare room. It was an eclectic mix of pine furniture from different styles that came from my old place, and I'm replacing it with painted oak furniture that arrives on Friday. Most items can be used in the garage for storage, but a couple of bedside cabinets are going spare. I might convert the carcass of one of them into a bug hotel. This afternoon I cleaned the bird feeders. I was moving my cockerel ornament made from bits of old tools, and I thought it would fit with this week's Mono Monday challenge due to the metal shapes - thanks for Picturemull for hosting.

Day 302 / Day 7 of Lockdown 3 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 529 to 81,960 (revised basis), with 46,169 new cases, 32,294 patients in hospital, 3,098 on ventilation and 4,193 new admissions (a new record). Cases to date globally pass 90m with those in Spain to date passing 2m. The PM says we are at a 'perilous moment' and warns that the Govt 'may have to do more' if ministers feel the lockdown rules 'are not being properly observed'. A hospital in Essex is 'managing its oxygen supply' by reducing the amount used to treat patients. 170 bodies in Surrey are being kept at a temporary storage facility as hospital mortuaries in the area are full. 40% of over 80's have now been vaccinated once as have 23% of elderly residents of care homes as part of the 2.3m vaccinated to date using 2.6m doses. The 7 new mass vaccination sites in England opened today. The top 4 groups to be vaccinated once by 15th Feb are the age group that represent 88% of covid deaths. It's still not known if people will still be able to transmit the virus once they've been vaccinated. The blood plasma trial has been halted as it had no benefit for intensive care patients, but those recovering from Covid are urged to keep donating blood plasma as people with moderate illness in hospital are now being treated instead. Morrisons are going to ban people who don't wear a mask unless medically exempt. The Sun has a Jabs Army campaign for people to volunteer at Covid vaccination centres, 28,000 have volunteered so far.  

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