New Tree

Work this morning was a little busier which was good , I found time to catch up on some more admin nearly on top of it then we can concentrate getting on with what our main roles are .
This afternoon after lunch I took a drive out to search for a blip. Rather grey and overcast after a Lovely start to the day .
Driving along a road just outside Lincoln I spotted a bird of prey sat on top of a light . I decided to turn the car around and park up close by. Just as I got my camera ready it decided to fly to a nearby telegraph pole behind some trees. I got out the car trying to get close and a clear view of it but it then flew across the field , I believe it was a Merlin but didn't get get a clear view of it. As it flew across the field it flushed up a lot of starlings . Watching them hoping they might get into a murmuration but they didn't. I wasn't planning to blip a tree this week as only just finished last years one tree project. But I spotted this tree the other side of the field and thought that's a possibility for this years project. When the starling flew in front of it blip and new one tree project sorted. Fingers crossed this years gets more leaves than last years but at least I have 2 or 3 different angles to snap it on as it is on a roadside as well as across this field . I went to visit Mum this afternoon back home and doing fine and taking things easy.

I'm back home now watching football on TV and then I will find a film later to watch and a few beers at home to relax

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