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We’ll get straight to the point… Take a look!  BCDecHol video

You’ll find fascinating traditions, the unconventional, a pause for thought, pets and wildlife, adventures, fun, food, landscapes and a super mix of different generations enjoying themselves.

The video is a compilation of entries that were tagged OK2Share and comprises fifteen different countries in both hemispheres - it’s been heart-warming to go through them all.

There were many more people who also took part with some smashing photographs and it’s worth taking time to browse the whole set of images that used the BCDecHol tag.

As last time in the video, we’ve tried to pick one from each of you so if we happen to have missed your image, it was in error and we do apologise.

A hearty thank you to everyone who took part.  

We hope you enjoy watching it.

Happy New Year!  
Richard and Bex

(aka richard and WharfedaleBex)


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