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By Damnonii

Old Lady Birthday Cake...


It was Ele's official family 60th birthday lunch today.  Since her birthday is Boxing Day it was put back to now to get the Christmas and New Year celebrations out of the way.

We went to a lovely restaurant and had the most delicious lunch.  And then at the end, as we had coffee, they brought out the birthday cake.

Kenny and Ele have a friend who makes the most amazing cakes and she was supposed to make Ele's birthday cake.  It was to feature their holiday house in Spain, a swimming pool with a sunbathing Ele on the side.  Unfortunately the poor woman has the dreaded lurgy and has been unable to make the cake so Kenny popped into a local bakers to order one.  

The lady in the shop showed him photos of two cakes (this being one of them) and told him it was a choice of one or the other....and that she couldn't guarantee it would look like either!  It would appear that as soon as you turn 60, your only choice of cake (in this bakery anyway) has it's design based on old fashioned pillowcases or covered in thick icing roses!  :-))  

It did give us a hoot.  And I couldn't help but refer to it as Old Lady Cake.  It got the last laugh though as it tasted lovely.  

Esme was an absolute angel in the restaurant.  Ate all her lunch and was very entertaining.  

Went back to Ele and Kenny's after lunch for a couple of hours before heading home.  No dinner to make as we were still full from lunch.  Fab! :-) 

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