An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Photography Challenge Day 9...

A Screen Shot

I really must get on top of my lockdown hair!!!

This morning started well with a pool session.  D joined me and it was lovely to have company but my usual hydrotherapy exercises went out the windae as my pool playlist is so good (dance floor fillers :-). We spent an hour pool dancing like we were back in The Mayfair, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow circa 1986!   What a hoot!  It's wonderful being able to move in the water in ways that are impossible on dry land!

One showered and dressed I set about making some ham and lentil soup and I almost blipped a screen shot of my lentil soup recipe (I keep it in my phone :-) but it was a friend's birthday and of course they received the obligatory Snapchat Happy Birthday video from me, so I took some screen shots from that instead. You're welcome :-))

Crocheting took up a chunk of the day.  It's a real time stealer.  Poor Lola has a gunky eye so we had fun getting some drops in that.  Will get some Golden Eye ointment tomorrow.  She tolerates that much better.

Just made the mistake of looking at my blip from a year ago today.  A family lunch out to celebrate Ele's 60th birthday and looking forward to a family weekend away in March (which of course didn't happen :-( ). Oh how we took it all for granted.  

So many words and phrases that were alien to us for the most part, and now form part of everyday conversation - Covid-19, pandemic, lockdown, social distancing, flatten the curve, quarantine, PPE, sanitiser, isolation, zooming, face masks,  incubation period, asymptomatic, furlough, key workers, R-number, covidiot, herd immunity, incubation period, ventilator, key workers, contact tracing, super-spreader, hydroxychloroquine, Joe Wicks, daily briefing, next slide please, test and name a few.

What a lesson we were about to learn.

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