An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A little flower faffery...

After my tenth consecutive blip from the same room, I hope you will forgive me from resorting to a little flower faffery.  It was either that on an SP and believe me, you do not want to see that!

Final day stuck upstairs was spent once again snoozing, painting my nails, snoozing, sorting out my watercolour brushes (I bought new stands :-) snoozing, eating, snoozing and FaceTiming with Alan.

Poor Alan didn't sleep well last night so he's been a bit tired and grumpy today.  He's at that stage of feeling worse, just before the feeling better begins.  I did get lots of smiles from him though, especially when I said I would be able to see him in the flesh tomorrow.  That he was happy about that makes me happy :-))

Just taken the last of the antivirals.  Phew!  Glad about that.  I won't be sorry to see the back of feelings of nausea.  I don't feel nauseous all the time, it comes in little waves, but it's quite tiring.  Weirdly I tend to feel it worse when concentrating and looking at something like typing this (so I will be brief)  Also the reason I've not done much reading or any crochet today.  

Hoping it will be gone tomorrow.

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