An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

In the pink...

and purple.

Just over ten years ago, the January after we moved here, I was aware of the light changing and the room filling with the most amazing pink/purple tones.

The same thing happened this evening and I managed to grab my phone to get some shots as the colour started to deepen.  This happens at least once every January.  It may happen at other times of the year but I always seem to notice it in January.  Perhaps it's more noticeable as the days are so grey at this time of year.  One day I hope to capture this sky over Loch Tay or Loch Earn.

And so, in other news, I have my freedom!  

Got downstairs and the first thing I did was go and see Alan.  I am delighted to report that he was very happy to see me although he did make it clear after a few minutes that I was interrupting his viewing of Dennis the Menace.  I got lots of lovely smiles though and he did say he was starting to feel better.

It's been lovely to be downstairs and feel a bit of normality returning.  Lola  came home from R's and I've had lots of lovely cuddles from her.  I really missed her.

Tesco online order completed, delivery tomorrow.  Absolutely shattered now but happy to have had a settled stomach and no nausea today :-)

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