An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Miles of smiles...

Alan was up, showered and dressed today and keen to return to watch tv in his sitting room.  This is good because since he's had covid he's been happy just to get showered, get clean pjs on and either sit up in bed or in his comfy chair in his bedroom.  It was great to hear him laughing and know he is definitely on the mend.

David was able to re-join society today.  Unfortunately he has a blister on his foot that had him hobbling about in pain.  This is something he used to be prone to getting but he's not had one for a while so was cursing its timing.

Now that we're back into a more normal routine I slept much better last night, but have been very tired today.  I think that's just the way post covid.  Feel energetic one minute and shattered the next.  Because our symptoms were mild I think it's easy to forget one's body has still been in a battle fighting a virus that causes havoc.  I think we will be forced to take things easy for a week or two.  That's not a problem :-)

I have avoided watching the News today as I am not sure my blood pressure could take it.  Give me strength!

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