My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Long, long, long

That's how my day felt. A first trip up to visit the lab at Macclesfield, a journey that took me pretty much 2 hours across country. Meetings first thing, then got to introduce myself to everyone...they're obviously not sure how to take me yet. I don't bite, honest.
Then it was the journey back to get to the University Centre in Shrewsbury for a spot of guest lecturing on anticoagulants. I think it went OK, the students seemed engaged at least, and in a Friday afternoon too.

My journey to Macc and back even took me past Jodrell Bank but I didn't have my phone available. Going cross country does at least give you a more interesting drive. This was on the way back (at roadworks) near the Twemlow(?) viaduct.

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