Golden totara

Podocarpus totara Aurea, or Golden totara. I have this inside my front fence shaped into a Japanese cloud tree form.

I recently discovered that Golden totara was discovered on the Port Hills. From where mine is I can see Banks Peninsula in the distance. The Port Hills is the edge of the peninsula above Christchurch city.

Many trees show growth in the upper sections with little growth evident in the lower section. My Golden totara is particularly happy as its growth is evenly spread from top to bottom.

I got some weeding and watering done before the heat kicked in. It's very dry and 34 degrees has only made it drier. I sneaked a wee run in early on too.

Jasper brought a common skink inside today. I'm not sure if my garden has developed the habitat for them or if he's got it across the road in the tussocks, garden and rocks.

Today's gratitude: For enjoying today and for knowing that I'll enjoy tomorrow's challenges too.

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