I had to pop into town sometime today and Mr. HCB told me that he thought it might be better if I went earlier rather than later, because although it was a sunny morning, rain was forecast along with high winds.  As we are not allowed on the buses until after 9.30 a.m. he even offered to take me in, so how could I refuse his offer?

Once in town, I did what I had to do and then decided to make my way home - and didn’t even stop for a coffee, which is most unlike me, but I didn’t want to risk getting soaked if the predicted rain came early.

On my way to the bus stop, I had been turning over in my mind what rhymed with “time”, the subject for today’s Mono Monday, and thought of “lime” so made a little detour into the nearby Tesco supermarket where I found these limes.  Obviously, they don’t look as good in mono as they do in colour, but they do fit the brief and of course, I had to do a little rearranging!

Whilst writing this, I did ask Mr. HCB what rhymed with "time" and he came up with "crime", "slime", "mime" and "chime" but "lime" will have to do as I don't fancy going out and looking for slugs! 

Thank you all so much for your kind comments, stars and hearts on yesterday’s Blip - I am feeling much better today - but realise I need to be kind to myself and take time to grieve.  "Normal" as it was won't be the "normal" as it is now, but it can still be as good.

“Learn to get in touch with 
     the silence within yourself 
          and know that everything in this life 
               has a purpose, 
there are no mistakes, 
     no coincidences, 
          all events are blessings 
               given to us 
                    to learn from.” 
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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