Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

New Age Fisherman

It absolutely flummoxed me what this man was doing as I walked up the canal towpath this morning.  He seemed to be throwing the line into the water with the heaviest weight you could ever imagine.  It transpires that he had a super magnet on the end of the line, hoping to dredge up some valuable scrap metal.  I'd never seen this before, but could well imagine that he might find some value in the scrap he was trying to 'catch'.

Well, within another mile of walking I came across another man walking down the towpath with a similar line and magnet.  It must be the new pastime in Walsall!

I managed to get the walk in before Storm Brendan made itself known in the Midlands.

Day Miles: 4.6 miles

Total Miles: 70.2 miles

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