looking up and out

By muimui

Makeover in progress

Queen Street Station in Glasgow is having an impressive makeover.

The station was first built in 1842 and rebuilt and expanded in 1878 when the glass gable and curved roof were created, designed by James Carswell who was a Scottish railway engineer.  Unbelievably, Carswell's glass gable was completely hidden in 1969 as offices and a hotel were built right in front of it, leaving the station a dark and truly forgettable entrance/exit way to Glasgow.

Happily the bland 1960s building was demolished last spring, and a new glass frontage has been added (beyond the curved one here) which makes for a much more impressive station and preserves the glorious victorian features.  It should be fully open in Spring 2020.

I also spotted that corinthian pillars that had been coated in thick layers of white, green and purple paint are being stripped back to their former glory.  A photo for next time I pass through.

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