George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Such is life

We is sitting around quite a lot at the moment.  THEY did go to OGH this morning, but they did say it was too hot for us. 

This is me Harry, and I don't do hot at all well.  If I get a sniff of hot through the front door, I won't go out.  I'll only go out through the back door, which might seem a bit precious, but the pavers through the front door are as hot as hot on account of they sit in the sun all day.  Whereas, the pavers through the back door are in the shade and they don't burn my feets so much.  

According to her, we have several days of coolishness coming up.  No rain though. 

WE is all praying for rain, on account of there is really bad really big fires burning in a place called Kangaroo Island.  Kangaroo Island is very special and they do love it a lot.  That means we love it a lot too, even though we hasn't been there.

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