On A Blustery Day

a brief interlude by the canal where I saw these two swans, I think they were maybe courting?

Busy day today, first drive into town and unable to find any parking spaces on ground level car parks I had to go to the multi storey which was almost full except a few places outside on the 3rd floor...  I hate multi storey car parks due to the fact they have barriers and I always have to release my seat belt to get to a ticket having short arms :(  I then drive through the barrier before doing the seat belt up again....which annoys impatient drivers.behind!  It also stretches my poor joints too much and I'm terrified the barriers will go down before I get through...

Once I got to M&S it was nice to take some time out and have a coffee with my friend A as we haven't met up for ages.  We had some wonderful cake as a treat :)

Then I went to the Estate Agents, firstly to meet the agent dealing with my house, who I have not met in all this time since the previous one left.  Then I called in at a Solicitors to provide some details for a quote.

Once home I've put all the quotes together in a spreadsheet then sent everything to my parents who will help me out with all this.

I'm now watching the worsening weather and hope all my friends are safe and dry tonight...  I am so very glad I decided not to go to London today due to Storm Brendan!

Now to do some serious sorting and decluttering -  Three bins 1. Rubbish; 2 Recycling/Charity; 3. Keep!  Its all such a muddle at the moment....

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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