It must be getting on for a week that I've been here now.  Apparently the surgical team, who's ward I'm on, are happy with my monitoring and are ready to discharge me.  Unfortunately the cardiology team want me for a little bit longer so I maybe moving wards tomorrow for a short stay.

In the meantime, here's a very small orange, with a tiny top-knot, as a submission to today's Tiny Tuesday hosted by KangaZu.   I'm aware this has nothing to do with hobbies, today's theme, but i dont think sitting around all day having needles stuck in you is a very worthy pastime, nor is dozing with your feet up on the bed.  I do a little reading which I suppose counts, but the book could not be classed as tiny!

They had shorter visiting times today so a deep-clean could be undertaken, it's a sad situation when seeing a giant Vax contraption is one of the highlights of your day, second to a lovely visit from Ann of course!

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