Testing this tonight. Bit too heavy to take in to work, so will make do with the older ones for a while longer. Have probably been too efficient at repairing most of them over the years, in that we have so much old stuff still about and working... in spite of the misuse/abuse/mistakes from those learning how to use it all.

Suspect newer equipment, like the above, won't be so easy to fix when it does go wrong, as parts won't be so readily available like they were (and still are) for older equipment.

Manic day, which was okay, until one individual with a very high opinion of them-self, had a particularly annoying fit of unnecessary melodrama and feigned indignity because they didn't get their way over something insignificant. Was too tired to be riled, fortunately. And then the zip on my old jacket broke, as I headed out in to the cold and rain of the night, with a two mile walk to the supermarket, and wait for the bus. Somewhat chilled and bedraggled, once home.

Some good news was that prints I'd sent for arrived, and looked really good. I do hope that our recently departed colleague's wife and family like them. His closer working team seemed very happy with them. A couple of other photos added in for an experiment, turned out really well too. And then another film and prints arrived from last year's Blips - to be done... someday. That now means there are definitely Blips for all days up until December 22nd. The film still in the camera should be finished shortly, and if it's successful, there'll be film Blips for the whole year. Of course, not many good ones, and plenty bad.

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