The other main camera currently in use, an old Nikon F100 in stealth mode, if that's possible for a big black noisy SLR, taped over identity for most of the years I've had it. Last year's sole main Blip photo provider, with only extras from digital cameras. Lugged about when outside all of today, along with this year's sole main Blip provider, but neither used until home tonight. Weather was absolutely dire. Windy and heavy rain showers. Thoroughly drenched at lunchtime, after walking a couple of miles to collect a box of items. The box, cardboard variety, only just made it back to work intact. Fortunately the contents wouldn't be harmed if soaked. Another drenching after work, walking another couple of miles for the bus home. Glad I didn't cycle, as a colleague came off his bike on black ice on a bit of the cyclepath I'd noticed was iffy on Monday. Luckily he wasn't hurt.

Hope to cycle tomorrow, since there's a better forecast.

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