…..but sometimes it’s good to see other people rather than the "same old, same old" faces of the Girls About Town and this morning before the programme I had a lovely encounter.

Whilst on my way to the studio, I saw these three lovely people walking along the cycle track and stopped to speak to them - well you know me, by now!  I said that I could see they were walking fast and obviously wanted to keep warm, which then led to me asking where they were from.  They told me they were from Nepal, and the man wearing glasses on the right told me that they used to be Gurkhas.  I asked them how they liked our weather - they just smiled and said they did not mind it!  I then said that they were probably quite used to colder weather and snow, and again, they just smiled.

They told me they go back to see their families once a year and that they like Swindon, which is great to hear.  I thought it would be good to give each of them one of my little hearts, so got my purse out but quickly told them I wasn’t going to give them money, when they looked surprised.  I gave them a heart and blessed them and then they went on their way, looking over their shoulder and waving to me as they strode along.

I have put in an extra shot of our "selfie" of the Girls About Town - including Karen, the receptionist at the Radio Station, who bless her, brought us in some teeth - the reason being that we had been talking on the programme about sherry and how it is an “aperitif” so Karen brought pictures of “a pair of teeth” , a wonderful play on words, which she said was a family joke.  I thought it would be a good idea to include her in our “selfie” and you can probably guess that she is the beautiful, blonde and young lady in the shot!  Jo, Angela and Clare are holding a “pair of teeth”, and Karen and I are at the back.  

A great morning when we talked about lots of different things including sherry as Angela is preparing a blog entitled “Swindon in 50 Drinks”, so she and Jo are “doing the rounds” of various pubs and wine bars and also coffee shops (so Clare and I have asked if we can do a Girls About Town evening to help her!), different restaurants in Swindon, doing earnest good works, and lots of other things - two hours is never long enough!

“Don’t just count your blessings; 
     be the blessing other people
          count on.”

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